Hello My name is Rebecca McFadden I am 17 in november. i am a very confident, sociable, reliable person.
I also enjoy working in teams with people and animals.

Physical details

Height5' 4" / 163cm
Weight9 sts 4 lbs / 59.1 Kgs
Chest32" / 82 cm
Hips33" / 84cm
Waist28" / 71cm
Hair colourBlack
Hair lengthLong
Shoe size5.0 UK / 38.0 Euro
Eye colourGrey
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian


I used to do Ballet and tap dancing i think I done that for around two years.

I modelled for Dynamic Earth which they used the pictures to put on the front of thier tickets.

Cross iconActingCross iconAmateur DramaticsTick iconDancerCross iconExtraTick iconModelCross iconSinger

Skills and hobbies

In my spare time i enjoy, horse riding, walking, going to the gym and shopping.
I am also doing two open learning courses one on psycology and one on scottish legal framework.

No Full UK Driving Licence


I speak English but i also know some German as i took it at credit level at school.