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  • ***Urgent*** Manchester small film needs an extra

    ***Urgent*** Manchester small film needs an extra (Expired)

    We need a young blonde female extra for a couple of hours work on Thursday evening (April 10th) in Manchester, for a short drama film which...

    Posted 07/04/2014 in: Modelling, Extras, Actors
  • Wanted: Supporting actors

    Wanted: Supporting actors (Expired)

    Looking for Chinese supporting actors for a project that will begin shooting in May till the end of June. Applicants must have good availability,...

    Posted 03/04/2014 in: Actors
  • Wanted: White women

    Wanted: White women (Expired)

    A period drama is looking for white women. Must have bobbed or chin to shoulder length hair; no highlights or colour in hair, natural coloured...

    Posted 03/04/2014 in: Actors
  • Looking for white men

    Looking for white men (Expired)

    Two new productions are looking for white men. For the first production, applicant must have short back and sides hair, no crops, must be...

    Posted 03/04/2014 in: Actors
  • Wanted: Male extras

    Wanted: Male extras (Expired)

    Looking for male extras with 'character looks' and strong men with Viking looks for a late summer production.

    Posted 03/04/2014 in: Extras
  • Looking for men for a European road trip

    Looking for men for a European road trip (Expired)

    A 3-week European road trip is looking for UK men, 25 - 50 years old. Non actors are preferred.

    Posted 03/04/2014 in: Actors
  • A major Hollywood film is looking for an old woman

    A major Hollywood film is looking for an old woman (Expired)

    Any woman with old weathered face, probably someone who looks like she's 100 years old will be featured as an extra in a Hollywood film...

    Posted 03/04/2014 in: Extras
  • Online Video/Sketch Thursday

    Online Video/Sketch Thursday (Expired)

    We are looking to cast an Indian Male Extra 30 yrs for an online B2B Video for a US software company. Must have a sense of humour and good facial...

    Posted 01/04/2014 in: Actors, Extras
  • Wanted: Female model/performer

    Wanted: Female model/performer (Expired)

    Looking for a female model or performer for a photo shoot for an upcoming production; playing age is 60+. Story is about a woman's struggle...

    Posted 28/03/2014 in: Modelling
  • Looking for male actor

    Looking for male actor (Expired)

    A new play is looking for a male actor to play the role of Sonny Littleman, a Hastings fisherman in his 40s. Sonny is a working fisherman, who...

    Posted 28/03/2014 in: Theatre, Actors
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