Walk On & Background Roles for Romantic Comedy

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Minuit sur le Borough (Romantic Comedy)

Part improvised bilingual romantic comedy, set in London. "Will they, won't they". It's New Years Eve and two jilted strangers with no where to go make a pact to make the most of the last hour of the year and not let love and lust get in the way, but as the minutes ebb away to midnight they form an unlikely bond that threatens to break their pact. The film will be raising its budget through KickStarter for the micro budget this September before shooting in the fall. The film is set for a release on May 2018. Filming in London so casting is only available to those in the UK.

Please read the character descriptions first before applying. Applications outside of the uk or without a covering note cannot be accepted. The roles are paid on micro-budget grade; each role is required only for one evening shoot only.

Laura - Fisher's Ex
Featured, Female, 25 - 35 yrs
(No Dialogue) - Fisher's ex is spotted with a mystery man in a small scene half way through the film. It is a painful scene, where her guilt is apparent as she spots Fisher has spotted her with he man she has dropped him for. While there is no dialogue in the scene, this needs to be a credible performance.

Party Goer
Featured, Female, 25 - 40 yrs
A party goer that Fisher manages to distract while Corinne steals her drinks, in a small and funny scene. There is improvised dialogue here resulting in Fisher exchanging a kiss during the theft, much to the chagrin of Corinne.

Laura's Man
Extra/Background, Male, 28 - 35 yrs
Background role, no dialogue, you will be seen on screen, in this small scene.

Man #1 and Man #2
Extra/Background, Male, 25 - 35 yrs
Gay couple that Corinne attempts to seduce in order to steal their drinks in a small and funny scene; however when Man #2 arrives, her attempt to seduce Man #1 will be quite for naught.

Woman #1 and #2
Extra/Background, Female, 25 - 35 yrs
Party goers that Fisher attempts to seduce in order to steal their drinks in a small and funny scene; all does not go according to plan where Fisher appears to take the charm to far, getting slapped in the face for his efforts.

Additional information

This casting is paid but dependent on kickstarter campaign.
Requirement: Individual
Gender: Male or female
Age range: From 25 to 40
Payment: Paid
Location: London
Deadline: Fri 20th October 2017
Posted: Wed 11th October 2017
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