Seeking Chefs able to cook middle eastern cuisine

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‘Hot and Spicy Like the Middle East’ is a cooking show whereby a chef accompanies a presenter and teaches an audience how to make typically Middle Eastern food(from any country in this region).
We are currently seeking talented chef/s to fill the role of ‘celebrity chef’ on the programme and we would be delighted if they would consider filming with us for a day.
Although I’m afraid we are currently not in the position to provide a wage to the chef/s involved we will, of course, cover all the expenses incurred during the process to filming (i.e. we will purchase the necessary ingredients for you). We would also be delighted to travel to you and film at your establishment so there will be no need for any staff to commute.

We can also be as accommodating as necessary and film at times you would normally be closed (i.e. mornings) and are willing to do more than day filming if you’re only able to spare a limited amount of time.
We ideally would like to get each chef involved in the production of five dishes whereby each episode consists of roughly 12 minutes in the kitchen and involves the preparation of 1 dish. Please do let me know if you’re interested as we would really love to have you and your staff on board and do think it is a great opportunity for you to advertise your brand and culinary skills. (though we will be abiding by Ofcom’s regulations)
I very much look forward to hearing from you.
Requirement: Individual
Gender: N/A
Payment: Expenses only
Location: London
Other locations: from workplace/kitchen
Deadline: Sun 15th September 2013
Posted: Sat 30th March 2013
This listing has expired – return to view all listings.