Lead Role in Pirate Short Film

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Casting 45-60 year old Latino/Hispanic looking Male as lead role for Pirate Short Film. Needs to look believably Portuguese.

Dates: 19th and 20th March in North Greenwich.

Short film shooting in a TV Studio with a set build of a Caribbean tavern in 1739.

Synopsis: Gaspar Tristao longs to reach out to his daughter in his home that he was banished from 20 years ago after being ridiculed by the infamous pirate Black Bart. As he enters a Caribbean Tavern he sparks two men to begin re-telling his story to their separate companions. Upon hearing each other they have a disagreement over what happened in the end of the tale, and decide to settle their argument over a game of Liar's Dice, where they each gamble something of high importance to them. Gaspar joins their game and wins, but shows mercy in letting them keep their possessions. He asks for them to instead take a letter and a ring to his daughter in the hopes of hearing from her once more.

Additional information

Final Year University film with great crew and set design. 50 pounds a day plus expenses within London.
Requirement: Individual
Gender: Male
Age range: From 45 to 60
Payment: Paid
Location: London
Deadline: Tue 20th March 2018
Posted: Tue 6th March 2018
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