Casting Lead Actor in Short Film

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Casting Lead Actor in Short Film

Character Bio:
Gender: Male
Race: Black/African
Age: 25-35

Originally from an ex-British colony (either India or African e.g. Ghana, Kenya, Uganda), Capital moved to the UK following the death of his mother. He spent a decade fighting with the Home Office before finally winning Indefinite Leave to Remain. Politically conservative and with sometimes misogynistic views, he nevertheless remains open-minded. He speaks with an African or Indian accent tempered by almost two decades spent living in the UK. Lacking a partner, working as a paralegal for a sociopathic commercial lawyer who doesn't respect him, and having recently obtained British citizenship, he now feels a profound loss of purpose.


Private Wealth Equality (Deptford) Ltd is a film about two friends who try to establish a private equity fund to resist the gentrification sweeping through Deptford. Despite glaring political differences, they try to overcome their disagreements enough to build the company and transform their local community.

Additional information

Casting: Wed 28 Feb (evening) or Thu 1 March (evening), Deptford SE8.
Rehearsals: One day only, either 3 or 4 March 2018
Shooting: 10-11 March 2018
Requirement: Individual
Gender: Male
Age range: From 25 to 35
Payment: Paid
Location: All of England
Deadline: Sat 28th April 2018
Posted: Tue 27th February 2018
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