Casting Call for Mother & Child Acting Pair

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Synopsis: The Eel is a black and white coming of age, period drama with mythical themes. Set in early 19th century Eastern Europe, both characters live in a tiny cottage on the edge of farmland. One day the childs mother asks them to collect water from the well. He/she discovers an eel inside the well which then steals the bucket. Annoyed, their mother gives a spear to get it back. The film ends with the eel defeated and brought home to be feasted on.

At its core, the film is a parable about independence.

Production type: 3rd year student film
Project length: 5mins
Project format: Fictional narrative short film
Production location: Bristol


Aleksandr/Alexandra, 10-14 years old, casting older actor (16+)
A scrawny, scruffy young kid who is a bit of a dreamer. He/she is a timid soul, dependent on their guardian Nastenka, but deep down has an undying willpower.

Nastenka, 50-70 years old
An elderly widowed woman and guardian of Aleksandr/Alexandra. She is a serf and has a very severe appearance. She is overprotective of Aleksandr/Alexandra, often doing too much for him/ her.

Additional information

Compensation: PAID.

Actors will be paid for the project however we are working with a student film budget out of our own pocket, food and travel costs will be covered

Call backs (if needed): 19/03/18
Shooting period: 22/03/18 - 10/04/18 (dates tbc)
3-4 days of shooting, weather and circumstance dependent
Requirement: Family
Gender: Male or female
Age range: From 16 to 70
Payment: Paid
Location: Bristol
Deadline: Mon 19th March 2018
Posted: Tue 13th March 2018
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