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Award winning contemporary artist, Mark Lewis, is looking for a range of women for a new film project that will be premiered in Canada next year. We are looking for Black, Asian and Hispanic women of any age as extras to be added in to a new film. The filming will be very quick and very easy! Participants will be filmed standing still for 1 minute. No effort is required! We are based in Elephant and Castle so we are looking for people who can easily get there. Otherwise if you are not too far away we can come and film you where it is easiest. Travel will be reimbursed.If you are interested please email and send a picture.Please respond as soon as possible. We want to film on Wednesday 30th November.Thank you!

Additional information

Very quick 1/2 minute shoot for an artist film
Requirement: Individual
Gender: Female
Payment: Expenses only
Location: London
Other locations: Elephant And Castle
Deadline: Fri 1st December 2017
Posted: Mon 28th November 2016
This listing has expired – return to view all listings.