A colleague of mine was doing a photography course in his spare time and needed a subject to photograph. He approached me and asked if I would like to model for him. Friends of mine have often said I should try modeling, so i thought why not? Iíll give it a go - 'If you can dream it you can do it'. Anyway the photos came out quite well so here I am seeing if i can actually make a career out of this..?

Physical details

Height6' 0" / 183cm
Weight12 sts 4 lbs / 78.2 Kgs
Waist30" / 76cm
Hair colourBlonde
Hair lengthShort
Hair colourBlonde
Hair lengthShort
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian


Cross iconActingCross iconAmateur DramaticsCross iconDancerCross iconExtraCross iconModelCross iconSinger

Skills and hobbies

Yes Full UK Driving Licence