Worked in sales and sales management,but never felt content, at age 49,decided to change my life.
If you have the power, give a guy a break !!

Physical details

Height6' 0" / 183cm
Weight17 sts 12 lbs / 113.6 Kgs
Chest48" / 122 cm
Waist42" / 107cm
Hair colourBrown
Hair colourBrown
Hair lengthThin Haired
Shoe size11.0 UK / 45.5 Euro
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian


Extra for BBC Saturday comedy
sketch show Epic Win.

Cross iconActingTick iconAmateur DramaticsCross iconDancerCross iconExtraCross iconModelCross iconSinger

Skills and hobbies

Love all sport, used to play
Rugby and American Football.

Yes Full UK Driving Licence


Bit of Portuguese.