I'm Happy to accept telephone calls from 7.30am until 11pm .

My name is Graham and I'm an inch under 6 feet tall, waist 40/42" chest 46/48", weigh 94kg/207lbs and take a UK size 10.5 shoe.

I'm smart dressed, always on time for jobs, as I would sooner be one hour early than one minute late.
I can sometimes be availble at very short notice,and live very near to central London. I'm Confident and very outgoing,totally at ease in front of the camera

I'm fun loving,with a GREAT bubbly personality,and great sense of humour.

In the past i've been a kissogram guy as I will do anything for a laugh.I even once posed nude to raise money for charity! I love to play practical jokes,but on the other hand can be extremly serious when need be, I would be willing to do anything from wing-walking to sitting in a bath of baked beans. I think I have a face only a mother could love! but hey thats life.

I enjoy ...
All Types of Music,but mainly Motown, and 60's ,
Quizzes, Cars, Classic cars , Nature , Camping, Bootfairs, Charity shops, all types of animals and wildlife , Horror films, Detective films , Tv programmes, such as Hercule Poirot , Murder She Wrote, Sherlock Holmes, Taggart, Midsomer Murders, Columbo, MGM and Busby Berkeley musicals, Old Black and White movies, and weepy films , as i'm a sad romantic at heart

I'M JUST UP FOR ANYTHING SO PICK ME,AND YOU WONT GO WRONG. 100% put into every job given,

I'm RELIABLE and PUNCTUAL,with a patient and compliant attitude and a genuine interest in TV and Film work.

Thank you for your time, and for reading/viewing my profile, hope I hear from you soon, and get to work for/with you in the near future

Regards Graham

I can Drive and have a clean driving licence ( and have for 36 years) I've driven anything from Rolls Royce, 60's classic cars to sports cars . I'm a painter and decorator, by trade, but came out of that in 1976 and took up Hotel work.

Physical details

Height5' 11" / 180cm
Weight16 sts 2 lbs / 102.7 Kgs
Chest46" / 117 cm
Hips41" / 104cm
Waist42" / 107cm
Hair colourBrown
Hair lengthMedium
Shoe size10.5 UK / 44.5 Euro
Eye colourHazel
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian


I've already appeared in these FILMS ,on these TV shows or in these pop video's

Aug 08
Model for the UK BODY PAINTING promotion day

Aug 08
one of the main artists in THE STREETS new music video 'Borrowed Exit' I plyed the Locksmith

Aug 08
Background artist in the new SNOW PATROL music video

July 08
Internet commercial for laptop computers, dressed as smart businessman

July 08
Supporting artist in a POT NOODLE commercial to be shown online

July 08
Supporting artist in the video by Raghav featuring Redman and starring Hammasa kohistani ( Miss England 2006)

July 08
played a doctor's assistant in a scene with singer WILL YOUNG for the Sunday Night Project

July 08
background artist in a film called DUPLICITY starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, all my scenes were with Clive Owen

July 08
took part in a SUCCESSFUL WORLD RECORD attempt

July 08
Background artist for a Russian TV drama series called Inheritance Marriage, I did scenes with one of the main character's

July 08
Filmed a scene with DAVID HASSLEHOFF for a British tv show called THE SUNDAY NIGHT PROJECT(CH4)

June 08
I did a testimonial for the internet commercial,for the JML FOOD SEALER which is to be shown Worldwide.

June 08
in a film called THE MAGICIAN, were I played a Policeman (talking role)

June 2008
Background artist in the Hollywood film WOLFMAN Directed by Joe Johnson and starring Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving , Art Malik and Benicio Del Toro

June 2008
Background artist in a TV comedy pilot called FIVE YEARS

May 27th 2008
Graham Norton show ( BBC2)
Filmed a RED CARPET scene for the show.

May 23rd 2008
recorded a PILOT Cookery programme,can't say must about it, as we had to sign a contract saying we wouldn't at this stage.

May 19th 2008
Background artist on a Hollywood movie called SHANGHAI due for release in Dec 2008 starring John Cusack, Ken Watanabe and Li Gong

May 15th 2008
Trinny and Susannah Dress the Nation (ITV)
This is a programme trying to prove to people that although they think black clothing is slimming,colour is far better for making you look slimmer and younger looking.

April 26th 2008
THE GREAT BRITISH BODY(ITV) with TRINNY & SUSANNAH to be aired in June where 300 nude people (including myself )reconstructed a sculpture of the average Bristish male and female bodies.

April 24th 2008
with Alan Carr, Justin Lee Collins and Gok Wan.
I played one of the nude congregation at the wedding of Alan and Gok ( we wore flesh coloured underwear which CH4 will blur out to make us look like we were naked )I sat at the very back wearing blue glasses.

March 30th 2008
Background artist in a FILM PREMIERE scene for an ITV film called WHATEVER IT TAKES staring Shane Richie (a.k.a Alfie Moon in Eastenders who appeared in 434 episodes from 2002-2005),Gary Lucy (of Hollyoaks,Footballers Wifes and The Bill )

March 12th 2008.
Back ground artist for a Nightclub scene in a Feature FILM called " BREATHE" directed by NICHOLAS WINTERS starring Lee Otway best known for his role as David 'Bombhead' Burke in the British television drama Hollyoaks.
and Pooja Shah who appeared in 158 episodes of Eastenders between 2003-2005

March 7th 2008
ITV's This Morning
I was a judge in a pie bake-off between Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and the newly-crowned National pie-making champion Mike Greer.

Jan/Feb 2008
THE ONE AND ONLY hosted by GRAHAM NORTON,5th of Jan - 16th of Feb 2008, I was one of the SUPERFANS, and appeared in every show ( 7 in total )

January 2008
BRITAINS BRAVEST Channel 5. aired 21 st MARCH 2008
I played a policeman who went into a burning building to rescue a 11 year old boy and his stepdad trapped inside,this was a reconstruction of a true event.

BRAINIAC November 2007
filmed a spot where we had to drink a cocktail with a difference, I had to drink MAYONNAISE and PEPSI COLA mixed together!for realease as
i-pod cast/download in Jan 2008

November 2007
"Get Your tat's out" a feature
where veiwers show off their tattoo's

October 2007.
I came runner up for a Channel 4 TV programme which took a group of people to live in a remote, isolated village North of the Himalaya's for a month, sadly I JUST missed out on going, as they were looking for 4 people and I was their 5th choice !but it was a great achievement for me to come 5th out of THOUSANDS of applicants.

July 2007
Appeared in THE SHEILA's pop video "HAPPY HAPPY AGAIN "
I'm sitting on the front row dressed all in Black, watch the video above,you see me very briefly 10 times through out the video.

BBC SOUTH EAST NEWS April 2007(showing off my Diana Ross collection)

GMTV April 2007(article on collectors)

(talking about Diana Ross)

THIS MORNING January 2004(showing off my autograph collection)

GRAHAM NORTON SHOW December 2003(Talking to Graham Norton and Diana Ross on camera)

COLLECTORS LOT January 2000(showing off my VAST Diana Ross and the Supremes collection)

Tick iconActingCross iconAmateur DramaticsCross iconDancerTick iconExtraTick iconModelCross iconSinger

Skills and hobbies

I can Drive and have a clean driving licence ( and have for 36 years) I've driven anything from Rolls Royce, 60's classic cars to sports cars.

I enjoy All Types of Music,classic cars,nature,camping,bootfairs,charity shops,all types of animals and wildlife.

I'm a painter and decorator, by trade, but came out of that in 1976 and took up Hotel work.

Yes Full UK Driving Licence