Well I am currently in college studying structural engineering, I play endless amounts of rugby and strive to have a good time ALL the time. All of my life I have been a very outgoing person and I can act in a serious matter within a blink of an eye, or act like a complete fool. I have always been interested in acting but just haven't gotten around to it.

Physical details

Height5' 11" / 180cm
Weight12 sts 10 lbs / 80.9 Kgs
Hair colourBlonde
Hair lengthShort
Shoe size9.0 UK / 43.0 Euro
Hair colourBlonde
Hair lengthShort

Agent details


When I was in school I was into drama and performed in many different projects.

Cross iconActingTick iconAmateur DramaticsCross iconDancerTick iconExtraCross iconModelCross iconSinger

Skills and hobbies

I play rugby for my local club.

Yes Full UK Driving Licence


English is my first and only language.