Incredibly hard-working and dedicated individual who is just getting started in the world of acting. I'm a fairly tall, broad and athletic build with strong facial features. I am willing to jump in and give maximum effort and devotion to any project of which I am a part. I'm willing to travel and adapt wherever necessary.

Physical details

Height6' 1" / 185cm
Weight14 sts 0 lbs / 89.1 Kgs
Chest38" / 97 cm
Hips35" / 89cm
Waist34" / 86cm
Hair colourBrown
Hair lengthShort
Shoe size10.0 UK / 44.5 Euro
Eye colourBrown
EthnicityWhite / Caucasian

Agent details



Looking to gain my very first expereince in acting. I'm signed up to begin Acting classes in the summer at the City Academy.

Cross iconActingCross iconAmateur DramaticsCross iconDancerCross iconExtraCross iconModelCross iconSinger

Skills and hobbies

- Regularly reading novels and viewing the latest film media (including Movies and TV Series)
- Great interest in sports, particularly Football and Rugby (having played the former at a relatively high level for most of my childhood)
- Blossoming interest and skill in real-world Digital Photography and photo-manipulation.

Yes Full UK Driving Licence